The Camp

The camp is hosted in a totally refurbished building on the first floor in Kleisthenous 12-14 in Gerakas. The first floor’s camp consists of a new floor ideal for training.

Rama Camp (Muay Boran) description:

Rama camp provides everything you need for your training in Muay thai.

Front Office: 

Whatever information you want about the camp or you need, the front office is the first place you should head, where our office staff will gladly help you with any request or problem.

Dorm Rooms for women and men: 

Our standard dorm style rooms come with shared bathrooms, toaster, fridge and kettle. Each room is equipped with a wall-rack to hang your clothes, storage drawers, air conditioning and toilet paper/soap/water refreshed every other day.

Training Areas:  

Of course the focus at Rama Camp is set on training. With an indoor gym, training areas for Muay Thai, Cross Training/Bodyfit, gorilla strength training, a variety of kettlebells, pads and boxing bags and a specific freeweights lifting area, you will find everything you need to get in shape, lose weight, or train to be a fighter. A totally new ring is placed in the camp for all fighters!

Our Muay Thai training is divided in-between four skill levels:

Kid's Muay Thai Training:

Kids are the feature and our purpose is to teach and take care of these young guys and girls, who could be the next generation of champions. So, they train alone isolated from the other levels, exploiting the whole training facility including pads and boxing bags training.

Beginner's Muay Thai Training: 

Whether you’re a casually fitness junkie, martial arts learner or aspiring fighter, our beginner’s Training Area is a great place to start your journey. You will learn techniques about the proper kicking and how to train along with the pads.

(C-class) Intermediate Muay Thai Training: 

This is the next level of training after you pass the beginner’s level. You’ll know you’re doing something right if you’ve made it here. More techniques and knowledge on muay thai are offered from our skilled trainers. So, keep your eyes and ears open!

(B-class) Advanced Muay Thai Training:

Provides a harder training for advanced level of fighters having as prerequisites more stamina and high khan level (>4). This type of training is oriented on the fighting part and for this reason the training includes more sparring inside the ring.

(A-class) Fighter's & PRO Muay Thai Training: 

In addition to our in-house sponsored fighters you’ll also find pro fighters training also here. Don’t be surprised if you see our campions getting in some pad rounds before hitting the boxing bags.

Traditional Muay Thai Training:

Our weekly schedule includes -of course- training on the traditional style of Muay Thai. Every Thursday, fighters of all levels could learn about the history of Muay Thai via traditional techniques.

Body fit & Cross-Training:

Our professional fitness trainer is ambitious to make you stronger, faster and better, no matter in what condition you are right now. If you want to lose some kilos, get in shape, put on some muscle, or simply get fitter, with weights and bodyweight workouts, Body Fit & CrossFit are the fastest way to see results.

If you want to learn and train on the martial art of Thailand, Rama Camp is the place you were looking for!