Giorgos Papoutsakis in West coast battle 10 in Sweden
George Papoutsakis, a fighter of Kostas Theodoulou, who belongs to the team of Rama Camp, at the age of 29, is invited to give a difficult and strong fight... Read more!
Muay Thai Summer Camp 2018 memories
Absolutely successful was the Muay Thai Summer Camp, that held for the second consecutive year at the Evia Silence Hotel in Evia, from June 22nd to June 27th... Read more!
treasure hunt for children by Rama Camp
What does a martial arts school, a treasure, and a pirate ship have in Gerakas? A special "treasure hunt" of small "warriors" took place last Sunday, 3rd of June 2018... Read more!
Muay Thai Summer Camp 2018
For the second consecutive year and after last year's success, this summer some will revive, and some will experience the unique experience of the Muay Thai Summer Camp for the first time... Read more!
Proud for you Petro!
The question is who will stop Petros Papoutsakis, the Greek fighter of Muay Tai, who is fighting in Thailand. He won a belt of a hard-core tournament... Read more!
The mad Dog Muay Thai Tournament was hosted by the people of Kiato and surrounding areas. Rama Camp and Kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou once again gave the present... Read more!
Rama Camp at Mad dog Muay Thai tournament in Kiato
The fighters of Rama Camp under the guidance of Kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou continue to play in full race. This time the team is going to Kiato... Read more!
Giorgos Papoutsakis at GODS OF WAR 11-WLF and Petros Papoutsakis with 3 wins in raw in Thailand
One of the best matches that we will have the pleasure of watching on March 24th at GODS OF WAR 11-WLF this time in the style of Full Muay Thai. The top Greek Thai Fighter... Read more!
Dimitris Giannos will fight at Champions Night 51-mad dog tournament
Dimitris Giannos .... instructor at the Silverbackgorila camp in Peristeri and new fighter at Rama camp... Read more!
Petros Papoutsakis started his fighting journey in Thailand with a win!
One of our best fighters Petros Papoutsakis started his fighting journey in Thailand with a win! Petros Papoutsakis took the decision after the recommendation of our kry yai Kostas Theodoulou... Read more!
Alexandros Milos is the owner of WMC belt!
A strong and hard knockout cut the breath of those who watched the Muay Thai fight between our athlete Alexandros Milos and Alexandros Arvanitis. The fight for the WMC belt... Read more!
Muay thai exams under kru muay Thai association and seminar in Creta and in Xanthi by kru yai Kostas Theodoulou
On 25 November 2017 and on 2-3 December 2017, will be held khan examinations under kru muay Thai association and muay thai seminar in Creta at Black Bulls Camp and in Xanthi at Dimitris Patras camp... Read more!
Alexandros Milos will fight for number 1 place at 80 kg in Greece in Muay Thai Grand Prix 12 event!
Our shinning star and one of the most talented fighters of Rama Camp Alexandros Milos will compete to the fight of all fights! Read more!
Khan examinations of Muay Thai School on 20 and 21 of October 2017
On 20 and 21 of October 2017 took place the promotion examinations (khan) of Muay Thai School in fighting muay thai by kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou... Read more!
3rd Khan ceremony of Muay Thai school in 2017
On Thursday 21/09/2017 took place the 3rd khan ceremony of Muay Thai School for the graduate fighters at Rama Camp premises under the auspices of the Kru Muay Thai Association... Read more!
Triumphant Alexander Milos with interruption in the 4th round!
Alexander Milos reaffirmed his stunning situation. Our athlete won on Tuesday 12/9 in Naples with the guidance of our kry yai Kostas Theodoulou the Italian champion... Read more!
Alexandros Milos at “The Art of Fighting” in Italy on 12 September 2017
One of the best fighters of Rama Camp, Alexandros Milos under the guidance of his kru yai Kostas Theodoulou will participate in the tournament “The Art of Fighting”... Read more!
On 17 and 18 June 2017 carried out the khan examinations on Muay Thai
On 17/06 and 18/6, the level examination (khan) in muay thai was carried out. On Saturday 17/06, the examinations took place at Rama Camp... Read more!
Gold medals for Rama Camp at ISKA World Championship 2017 in Athens!
Rama Camp one more time participated in a world class event and more specifically at ISKA World Championship 2017... Read more!
Rama Camp’s fighters impressed in Muay thai GP8 in Athens!
Rama Camp’s fighters Giorgos Papoutsakis and Alexandros Milos under the guidance of kru yai Kostas Theodoulou impressed the spectators one more time with their performance and two wins in Muay thai GP8... Read more!
Rama Camp participated in “Fight with Respect 3”
Another tournament “Fight with Respect” came to an end and the participation of our Camp with 14 fighters achieved 9 wins, 3 defeats and 2 draws... Read more!
Rama Camp will participate in Muay Thai GP in Athens
Rama Camp will participate in the Muay Thai GP on Saturday 20th of May with two of his top fighters in Greece and specifically at the "Enastron" Center in Tavros... Read more!
Greek team in the world championship of WMO in Thailand
The league made by the WMBF – WMO, that is taking place in Bangkok every March. For first time, in Thailand, participated also the Greek team that represented us at the World Championship... Read more!
February passed… the world championship of WMO in Thailand is coming!
On Saturday 4th of March ended an intense educational program cycle for the Muay Thai School with supplementary examinations at Lions Camp of Kru G. Senekidis, with students from other camps also... Read more!
February 2017, a month full of Muay Thai
It could not be better close of February, rather than fights for experience (for novice) among camps of Muay Thai School... Read more!
Khan Examinations on 18 and 19 February 2017 at Rama Camp
On 18 and 19 of February 2017 will take place the promotion examinations (khan) in fighting muay thai by kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou at Rama Camp... Read more!
Muay Thai Boran Seminar and khan examinations in Xanthi
On 11/12 February 2017, will be held muay thai seminar on traditional muay boran and khan examination in Xanthi at Dimitris Patras camp... Read more!
Giorgos Papoutsakis winner and now holder of the ISKA belt at 61 kg
The Gods of War 9 held by the stronger event card ever had on January 29 2017, with great fights. In this event occurred a sensational muay thai fight for the national title ISKA at 61 kg... Read more!
Muay Thai Seminar and khan examinations in Crete
On 04/05 February 2017, will be held muay thai seminar and khan examination in Crete at Black Bulls camp from kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou... Read more!
Muay Thai and nutrition plan
After the invitation of Rama Camp’s kru yai Kostas Theodoulou Costas, MSc Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist Sotiriou Malamas visited our camp in Athens... Read more!
Master of masters seminar and ceremony for graduate kru and students
On weekend 5-6/11 took place in Athens the Master of masters seminar under Grand Master Woody & Grand Master Sane... Read more!
Conclusions of Khan examinations on 22 and 23 October
The weekend 22-23/10 will truly never forget. It is because we carry out projects hoping to stand the test of time, slowly building solid foundations for the future... Read more!
Khan examinations on 22 and 23 October
On 22 and 23 of October will take place the promotion examinations (khan) in fighting muay thai by kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou at Rama Camp... Read more!
New season starts with traditional thai massage courses!
This season for Rama camp promises to be particularly interesting and starts with a new traditional Thai massage seminar... Read more!
Rama Camp’s conclusion of the season
Making an account in the season that has elapsed and through the victorious fights given by our athletes one more season reached to the end... Read more!
Kru Kostas Theodoulou is now KRU YAI!
“After many years of training, fights, journeys, so much reading... a new path is ahead! From now and on kru Yai and very blessed... Read more!
Giorgos Papoutsakis in “muay thai live” show
With the journey of our camp in Thailand was given the chance to Giorgos Papoutsakis to participate in the organization of muay thai live... Read more!
Petros Papoutsakis in “super muay thai” show
Another fight in Thailand for Rama Camp. Petros Papoutsakis participated in one of the biggest events in Thailand the “super muay thai”... Read more!
Traditional Thai massage courses came to an end!
On Sunday 04-06-2016 was held the supplementary traditional thai massage course that completed the mandatory number of contact hours... Read more!
Khan examinations in muay thai at Rama Camp
On 12/6/2016 will take place the promotion examinations (khan) in fighting muay thai. The participants in the examinations... Read more!
National Cup on Muay Thai by P.O.K
The sports industry of muay thai of Pan-Hellenic Federation Of Kickboxing (P.O.K) invites you and your fighters to participate in the national cup on muay thai... Read more!
Muay Thai seminars in Crete on 14-15 May 2016
On 14-15 May will be held Muay Thai seminars in Crete that will include specific theoretical and practical analytical documentation... Read more!
Seminars for training referees on Muay Thai
Τwo seminars on muay thai will be held with seminars rapporteurs Kostas Theodoulou and Elias Lambrou... Read more!
Assessment of the international fight club open 2016
On 6 December 2015 after 31 competition days amateur kickboxing from 2009 onwards, after seven consecutive years of presence, passed to the "dustbin of history" successful Joya Kickboxing Championship... Read more!
Traditional Thai Massage Courses in Rama Camp
On 8/05, 15/05, 22/05/2016 Rama Camp will held 3 traditional Thai massage courses in its facility. The instructor... Read more!
International Fight Club Open 2016 – Elite Kick Boxing & Muay Thai Tournament
In Athens on 16 and April 17 2016 at the Olympic Stadium will be held a two-day international tournament on Kick Boxing and Muay Thai... Read more!
Seminars and Examinations on Muay Thai in North Greece
A week after the tournament in England, the weekend of 19-20/02/2016 kru Kostas Theodoulou traveled to Thessaloniki... Read more!
Roar Combat League 2016 in England
On 02/12/16 Kru Kostas Theodoulou accompanied Spyros Tsetsenekos student of Nasos Argyropoulou and Manos Mavrogianni student of Giorgos Senekidis to the Roar Combat league... Read more!
Rama Camp participation in Gods of War 7
The Gods of War 7 held with the most powerful fight card ever had on January 24 2016, with great fights, and it really presented a great show... Read more!
Rama Camp (Muay Thai – Muay Boran)
Rama Camp is a school of traditional arts (muay thai – muay boran) located in the vicinity of Geraka. Founded in 2004 by Kru Kostas Theodoulou who holds the 12th khan (master level)... Read more!
Rama camp participation in Buakaw seminar in Greece
The two times champion of the prestigious stadium of Thailand Omnoi and two times champion of the Japanese tournament K-1 MAX with a total of 302 games and 257 wins, Buakaw Banchamek traveled to Athens... Read more!