B Class

Alexandros Valmas

My first contact with the Muay Thai was in 2010 when I came to the camp of my kru Kostas Theodoulos (Rama Camp), where I started taking part in fights in 2011 under the guidance of my kru. In 2013 I took part in the tournament «The battle» in a 4-man tournament. Generally, I count in 9 fights 7 wins and 2 defeats.

Alexandros holds the 4rth Khan from the Kru Muay Thai Assosiation since 2015.

Markos Stulianoudakis

I started Muay Thai in 2011 G.C Hraklis, where I was trained for a year and I took part in two fights, winning the first one by KO and the second one in points. My acquaintance with kru Kostas Theodoulou was during my second fight where I having come without coach kru Kostas Theodoulou accepted to undertake this role. Then I went to Rama camp led by kru Kostas Theodoulou and Ι took part in 9 fights. In 2014 I participated in the national championship of WMF and I got the gold medal in amateur fights. In 2015 after the instigation of my kru, I traveled to Thailand staying for one month in the camp of grand master Woody. There I took part in the tournament muay thai live playing my first professional fight, which I won. I count in 11 fights 7 wins.

I live permanently in Chania in Creta and I trained by myself under the guidance of kru Kostas Theodoulou. I travel periodically in Athens for a few days for taking part in the training at Rama camp in order to check my development my kru.

Markos holds the 5rth Khan from the Kru Muay Thai Assosiation since 2016.